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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy
Chiropractic Preventative Care

Chiropractic care helps during pregnancy by correcting vertebral subluxations, often reducing pain and helping the spine adapt to the increased weight and altered posture. It may also ensure that the joints of the pelvis are moving freely and positioned to assist the birth process. Proper joint movement enhances pelvic opening.

Improper lifting, long periods sitting, emotional trauma, alcohol, and other so-called normal activities all interfere with normal spinal function. Like many diseases, early detection of spinal problems can prevent them from becoming more serious. Even if you feel okay presently, a checkup is beneficial.

Can Children be Adjusted?

Children can be checked on the day they are born. More evidence is coming to light regarding the possibility of stresses prior to birth contributing to symptoms after birth. One such stress occurs when the fetus fails to move into the head down position. This can result in bone, cartilage, and muscle and ligament deformity.

Chiropractic Care is available for all ages.
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