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Treatment Methods
How Many Treatments Will I Need?

At Southern Chiropractic the treatment methods chosen are the ones deemed most suitable for the individual patient. These vary but include:


Activator Instrument Adjustment
Mobilization of joints 
Spinal Manipulation 
Soft tissue massage therapy
Trigger point therapy


A difficult question to answer! Why? People respond to care in different ways, general health, age, activity, even diet can impact on recovery.


However, weeks, months or years often pass before the symptoms are severe enough for people to seek care. Over this time the body compensates as best as it can. It adapts by changing posture, structure (bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments) and function (habits, coordination, etc). These adaptations have occurred with time and so will not instantly revert to normal. As we all know when attending a gym our fitness doesn't occur immediately.

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