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Important Reasons to See Chiropractor

Suffering illness/discomfort or pain.

These symptoms are signs of dysfunction in your body. This is an important time to remove nerve interference and irritation to ensure your spine functions optimally and symptoms are alleviated. 


Accident or trauma Car/bike accidents and falls

can cause severe spinal stress and subluxations If not attended to these can cause or contribute to health problems later in life.


Active exercise/sport

Chiropractic care gives you an edge. Many professional athletes/sportspeople seek regular chiropractic care to ensure maximum results.


Pregnancy/Childbirth/Infant caring

The hormonal and physical changes in pregnancy create spinal stress. The birth process can be traumatic for both mother and baby, and both may require care following delivery. Caring for a baby/infant can contribute to neck/back pain ie: the position of the mother during breastfeeding and bending to pick up baby.


All children and especially those with problems such as hyperactivity attention deficit disorder, asthma, concentration, reading or math problems, vision problems, and other conditions can benefit from chiropractic care.


Under stress

Stresses either physical, emotional or chemical (ie. drugs/alcohol) can create an imbalance in your spine/nerve system. If untreated these lead to restricted motion, tension and often fatigue.


Improvement of wellbeing

to improve and maintain your health naturally, from the inside out, often reducing reliance on painkillers.

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